Collaboration and Knowledge Capture Systems:

EpicentreTM Collaboration System, Knowledge Capture System Design, Information Capture Systems

Power Distribution Technology:

Power Distribution Systems - Local or long-haul power distribution using pulse-based distribution systems for super fault tolerant and efficient power transfer

In-Memory Transaction System:

Data Warehousing, High Speed Transaction Systems, Cloud Processing, Web-Enabled Data Storage Services

Automae Research and Development

Providing cutting edge targeted disruptive and enabling technologies.
  • Information Security, Exploitation, Automation
  • Power Security, Energy Capture and Distribution
  • Team-Centric Collaboration Technologies

Automae's mission is to provide best of class aerospace technology to American businesses, non-profit organizations, and government entities.

Automae brings to the table both a team of experts capable of implementing complicated technical systems and a management and growth philosophy that keeps our team on the cutting edge of science and technology with the capability to implement it quickly and accurately. We use a blend of customer immersion and purely academic advancement to keep our team abreast of new technologies that affect our areas of expertise so that we reliably and repeatedly bring the most cutting edge technologies to life.