Collaboration and Knowledge Capture Systems:

EpicentreTM Collaboration System, Knowledge Capture System Design, Information Capture Systems

Power Distribution Technology:

Power Distribution Systems - Local or long-haul power distribution using pulse-based distribution systems for super fault tolerant and efficient power transfer

In-Memory Transaction System:

Data Warehousing, High Speed Transaction Systems, Cloud Processing, Web-Enabled Data Storage Services

Automae Collaboration Products / Services

Automae has significant experience working with distributed teams from throughout the United States on highly technical projects. These teams have included both technical teams and non-technical teams that needed to work well together with community knowledge. Our passion for collaborative operation came from a project done at a large aerospace company where our initial forays into collaboration support saw information-based tasks increase efficiency by up to 40%!

Automae enables American business and government customers through a holistic approach to knowledge development, capture and management including the use of collaboration technologies that enable this type of intelligence. Our approach is divided into three general areas:
  • Automae proprietary collaboration systems, including EpicentreTM and Automae collaboration services.
  • Collaboration consulting - expert consulting services for implementing collaboration technologies and practices that maximize team integration and effectiveness of knowledge capture and management.
  • Third-party collaboration system deployment (e.g., Microsoft Sharepoint, Subversion, Mercurial, Hudson) and management services
Automae's own development projects, both internal and external, have resulted in powerful industry applications that, when leveraged by development teams (both technical and non-technical) promote efficient and effective team collaboration.

What's the secret to effective collaboration? Well, that would take time to explain, but we've found that teams act according to known human behaviors and working with these rather than against them will lead to real success in your teams. Let us show you how!